Hot air balloon pilots came to High River from all over the world for the third annual Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival from Sept. 23 to 27. Continue reading →

A new festival lit up the Calgary Zoo for the first time on Sept. 17 with 366 handcrafted animal-shaped lanterns. Continue reading →

SAIT students eagerly lined up to enjoy some canine company on Pet a Puppy Day. Continue reading →

Eclectic (adjective or noun)

  • deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
  • a person who uses material from many different sources.

For example: A journalist must be eclectic to write a good story. 

Glib (adjective)

  • said or done too easily or carelessly
  • showing little preparation or thought
  • speaking in a smooth, easy way that is not sincere

For example: She was careful not to let the answer sound too glib. 

Who doesn’t love a nice, fluffy muffin? I have tried tons of different recipes, and this one is by far my favourite! The cinnamon crumble topping makes it extra special. My berry of choice for this recipe is saskatoons – fresh from the bushes on my father’s farm. Continue reading →

The stress levels of post-secondary students are rising as midterms approach, and they are looking for salvation from late nights of studying.  Continue reading →

Solace (noun)

– alleviation of distress or discomfort

– something that gives consolation or relief in times of sorrow, misfortune, or trouble

For example: The dying man’s only solace was the birds singing outside his window.

Thanks to Amanda’s Cookin’, I found this amazing recipe! Since I was going to a family lunch on the weekend, I decided to try it out and bring it along. Continue reading →

Do you ever get intense chocolate cravings? This is the perfect recipe to satisfy those cravings with minimal ingredients! No eggs, milk or butter required. Continue reading →

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